water1 The Town of Dover is responsible for providing the citizens of Dover with Clean and Safe drinking water.  The Town takes pride in this responsibility and strives to provide our citizens the best possible service and  be in compliance with all state and federal regulations.  The Dover Water Plant is a Grade III water treatment plant and requires an operator to have a Grade III State Certification.

The Dover Water Plant is a surface water plant the source water is pumped from the Cumberland River to the water treatment basins. It has the capability to produce 864,000 gallons of water per day as of now it averages 385,000 gallons per day.  water3The Dover Water System has five storage tanks; a 500,000 gallon tank, a 200,000 gallon tank, and two 100,000 gallon tanks as well as an 80,000 gallon tank.

The Dover Plant is a State Certified Laboratory for Microbiology.

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