The Town of Dover Wastewater Treatment Plant is a sequential batch reactor type of treatment.  The plant has 600,000 gallons per day treatment capacity and is presently operating at about 25% capacity.  The plant is a Grade II plant.  The town is required to have a certified operator for treatment and a certified operator for collection.  The collection system covers 100% of the town and serves approximately 650 residences and businesses.  The majority of the collection system is a gravity flow system but about 150 locations are served with individual grinder pumps.  The collection system has nine pump stations to move the wastewater to the treatment plant.  After treatment the wastewater is discharged to the Cumberland River.

Sewer Do’s & Don’ts

 allow the following to enter the sewer system:

  • Grease, fat, or food scraps
  • Oils, paint, or solvents
  • Human or pet hair
  • Kitty litter, coffee/tea grounds, eggshell, or cigarette butts
  • Paper towels, newspaper, sanitary napkins, or diapers – Tampon and Plastic Applicators
  • Chlorine, pool or spa products
  • Pesticides herbicides, or other agricultural chemicals
  • RidX
  • Cigarette Butts
  • Any other product that is not biodegradable
DO become aware of the system by knowing the following:

  • Know where your system components are located – Riser Cover & Control Box
  • Know where Disconnect Switch or Breaker in Electrical Panel in home is located
  • Know the telephone number to call if the alarm sounds  931-232-5907, after business hours call 931-232-8332. Billing questions email or call the office 232-5907.
  • CALL 811  before you dig in your yard, a town utility worker will come out and mark water/sewer lines for you
  • Conserve water when possible – leaks cost you