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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Town of Dover hours?
Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. -3:30 p.m. (leave message on answering service after hours)
Police Department after hours if emergency Dial 911 or call Dispatch (931) 232-8332
Water Plant open 7 days week from 5:00 am-3:00pm (931) 232-6592

Trash Pick-up
Trash pick-up is on Fridays unless a major holiday or inclement weather in such case they will try to run on Saturdays but if not it will be the next week.  If they have to miss a week, they will pick up extra trash or you can take trash to one of the local landfill convenience center.  This only happens occasionally.


If I smell sewer odors in my home, what do I need to do?
Check to see if any of your drains have a dry trap. All household drains are equipped with an “S” shaped trap which provides a water seal to keep out sewer gases. If the drain is not frequently used it could be dry due to evaporation. You may also have a loose fitting, break or hole in the vent pipe, items easily fixed with the aid of a plumber. If you detect sewer odors outside of the home please call the City Hall at (931) 232-5907 and they will investigate the odor complaint.

My water is cloudy...what do I do?
Report the problem by calling the main office (931) 232-5907 or Water Plant (931) 232-6592.

In the event of a water leak, who do I contact?
Report the problem by calling the main office (931) 232-5907 or Water Plant (931) 232-6592. 

What if I have a water leak or sewer problem after hours?
Call (931) 232-5907 and leave a message on the answering service or call (931) 232-8332.

What do I do if a fire hydrant is leaking or has been damaged?
Contact city hall (931) 232-5907 or the water plant (931) 232-6592

Who do I contact about reserving a shelter at the city park or scheduling a bass tournament?
Call city hall (931) 232-5907

Do you do car seat inspections and installations?
Yes, the Dover Police Department has several car seat technicians available to help. Please call (931) 232-5907 to set up an appointment.

When is the Town Events?
Eagle Fest is always the weekend before Memorial Day in May.
Halloween Festival is always the last Saturday in October.
Music in the Park is during the summer, please check our website for schedule in Spring

When is the Christmas Parade?
Christmas Parade is always the first Saturday in December at 2:00 p.m. and the Stewart County Chamber is the sponsor of that event.  Please call (931) 232-8290.

Can I burn brush and leaves on my property?
During the time frame of October 15 thru May 15, you will need to call 1-877-350-2876 and get a permit number.  Please always call city hall (931) 232-5907 and notify the town if you are planning on having a controlled burn.


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